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The BLUEPRINT Assessment© is our comprehensive evaluation tool for school improvement. It is used to determine how schools measure against 9 characteristics of successful schools. We gather input from teachers and staff to analyze data and generate a dynamic report. We use the information from the BLUEPRINT Assessment report to create the school’s unique strategic implementation plan, the BLUEPRINT for Success©.

The VESBLUEPRINT Assessment©

  1. Benchmarks
  2. Leadership
  3. Use of Data
  4. Expectations
  5. Professional Development
  6. Rigorous Curriculum
  7. Instruction
  8. Nurturing Environment
  9. Time

This approach can also be used to help you identify potential pitfalls before there is an actual decline in student achievement. The results are shared through our interactive reporting system.

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Want to know how your school measures up against our 9 success attributes?
Note: This is a truncated version of the actual survey. It’s completely free and will only take 1- 2 minutes to complete. Responses will never be used to specifically identify individuals or anyone in your school or district.

The VESBLUEPRINT for Success©

Information from the VESBLUEPRINT Assessment© is used to create your school’s unique VESBLUEPRINT for Success©. This customized service plan takes the “guesswork” out of planning for professional development and coaching by offering targeted training with specific outcomes.

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