Myths About Professional Development

MYTH 1:  Too expensive

Unlike our competitors, ViableEd makes training affordable. We do this by allowing our consultative services, coaching services, and educator resources to be accessed indefinitely – offering you a one-time investment that yields endless results. How much is that worth to you?

MYTH 2: Waste of time

We want you to get your money’s worth. To ensure that, ViableEd does the following:

  • schedule training that is convenient for your school’s calendar
  • clearly defines outcomes prior to each session
  • provides follow up coaching and collaboration to ensure that what is learned in PD is utilized effectively in your school

MYTH 3: Not Relevant

Nothing is worse than training you can’t use.  That’s why we offer a free consultation to identify your goals and needs. We then marry that with our VESBLUEPRINT for Success© model. This proven model is customized to meet your school’s professional development and school improvement needs. Click here to learn more about our VESBLUEPRINT for Success© model.